The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

When I first started my Journey I was honestly looking for one family, one surname and that was Yeldell.  I think most people who try to learn about their ancestors think they can focus on one family; one name.  You learn pretty quickly that this is not the case.  My grandfather Jefferson Yeldell is the one I was looking to find more about.  Who knew that my grandmother Annie Mae family would just jump in.  Below is a listing of the all of the names so far in my family.  These names are from my ancestors not the descendants.

Adams, Brooks, Freeman, Holloway, Kemp, Peterson, Ryans, Senior, Sheppard, Shibely, Talbert, Williams and Yeldell

The beginning surnames are Adams, Brooks, Holloway, Peterson, Senior, Sheppard and Williams. These Great Great grandparents are the make up and of a humongus family.  I have learned that no one had just one child.  They believe strongly in siblings.  My family count is in the thousands and there are so many that have not been added.  Researching your family is neverending and I am enjoying every minute of it.  So if any of the above names is in your family and your family started out of the Edgefield County area feel free to leave me a message we may be related.  Until Next Time…


{April 21, 2012}   A Good Research Day

Well in all instances it was a good research week considering my mommy being hospitalized I received a lot of information yesterday on the Yeldell/Brooks family from the feelers I put out at the beginning of the week.  I started out with an email to the Edgefield Archives and learned that Martha Brooks was a child when or while with Whitfield.  They are sending me his and his son Preston’s real estate files as well as their will’s.  That was told to me on Wednesday so I should be getting that info soon.  I also sent out emails to two possible relatives of the Brooks and heard from both of them yesterday. Sharron Brittain and Laura Henderson are both descendants of the Brooks.  Because of sharron I have learned the name of Lemuel’s father and how he is or was related to Preston Brooks.  Laura on the other hand will be able to put me in contact with those that knows more about the slavery side of the Brooks.  Both women seems like two great assets to my search.

Brooks/Yeldell that seems so strange to me.  I said that in my first paragraph.  I have never thought of my family with a different name other than the names my aunts and mother took on when they married.  I have learned the subject is touchy to some that I have spoken to when I say we might not be “Yeldell’s.  In my research I have spoken with several different Yeldell’s (white and black) and we have some of the same similarities.  We are all very proud, religious, strong willed sometimes arrogant and even cocky type of people.  All of the men white or black are original woman magnets.  But then I learned about the Brooks and saw us yet again. But this time I saw the military side, the political side even the temperment. I am just not sure.  I mean with learning that Martha was with the Brooks as a child and also still not finding out how or when the white Yeldell’s and the white Brooks coincide with each other, it all keeps leaning toward us not being Yeldell’s.

I need to find out more than ever what Martha’s husband’s name was.  She (personally) was a Brooks in the 1870s and a Brooks in the 1880s. I mean her daughter kept her husband’s name after he died. Why didn’t Martha.  I am holding on to the belief that we are related to the Yeldell’s but not through my great grandfather Peter but through his little sister Martha Yeldell.  Then again because she was a breeder anybody could be their daddy.  I have to find out more about breeding.  I mean was it with one man or a different man each time?  How many children did most women who were breeders have?  Martha wants me to find her and her story I just wish she would give me more.  Maybe she has with my new contacts.  Until Next Time….

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