The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{April 24, 2013}   Mama Lula Has Spoken…

Okay so you all know that my great grandmother Mama Lula was a little tired of me working on my 2xgreat grandmother Martha Brooks.  I think she felt that she was more than patient given how long it took me to really grasp this genealogy thing.  She was subtle with her entrance by every now and then poking in my dreams and interrupting my thoughts on one family by placing in thoughts of her family.  Then she got down right mad when she just started throwing her family in the mix when I was looking for a totally different family.  It makes me wonder was she like this when she was alive.  So as you know from my post the Peterson family of Edgefield is humongous  but in spite of its size it still may be two sets.  So when researching them I have to be very careful.  The problem however is this; the same names that run in my Peterson family also runs in the other.  This makes it harder to tell the difference and it makes me think that maybe it is not two sets of Peterson’s.

Mama Lula had a nephew named Bishop Peterson.  Bishop was the son of Enoch Jr. Enoch Jr. is the one with 10 children by one woman and 10 children by another.  Mama Lula’s husband Papa Johnnie had a niece named Rosa Lee Senior and she was the daughter to his brother Moses Senior.  Bishop and Rosa Lee although cousins by marriage only could not fight the love they had for one another, got married and had 11 children together.  All of this happened in the early to mid 1900’s.  Now let’s fast forward to 2013.  My cousin Kyle had just read a post from me about the Homeplace Newsletter for the Edgefield African American Genealogical Society and he posted this comment:

“When I was 8 years old, I was in the Higher Achievement Program in DC, a gifted and talented program for DC public schools. One day, my dad comes to pick me up and this woman stops him and says “Hey aren’t you Uncle Moody’s son?” They start talking and the woman was picking up her granddaughter Ja’Nelle. We knew each other (she went to Randle Highlands ES and I went to Anne Beers ES). From that point on she was my cousin. She went to Banneker for HS, raised in SE and went to Xavier (LA) for college (even stayed at my house for weeks during Hurricane Katrina). When we asked her grandmother years later how we were related, she said verbatim “Well we’re cousins on one side…and married to each other on the other side.” I shared with her some of the findings after I saw the last names Peterson and Blocker (her grandmother’s maiden name is Peterson and Ja’Nelle’s last name is Blocker).  I think this PDF and other information would help bridge some gaps for her and for us.”

Kyle introduced Ja’Nelle and I via Facebook and she got me in touch with her grandmother Maxine Peterson Blocker.  When I spoke with Maxine she was able to provide me with her grandparents name…you guessed it Bishop and Rosa Lee Peterson.  When she talked to me she said the same thing she said to Kyle and Janelle that we were related by marriage and by blood.  But she didn’t know that happened because of her grandparents.  We proceeded to talk and I learned more about the Peterson side.  Because she lives in this area she also told me about other family members who live here.  One name I learned from another cousin name Brandi.  Brandi told me about Bishop’s daughter Lottie and stated that she lived in the DC area.  Maxine is going to introduce me to Lottie and Lottie has pictures!!!!!!!!  The other big deal about Lottie is she married another surname that I was told we were related too..that’s right Curtis Lottie is a Gilchrist.  I am so excited and can’t wait to meet both Cousin’s Lottie and Maxine.  Well Mama Lula has spoken and her voice has definitely been heard.  I am on the Peterson’s Mama Lula I hope I am making you proud.


Until Next Time…


Tamara Yeldell says:

i heard she was a gangsta? mama lulu.


yes the blockers, gilchrists and petersons are all related, i know because i am related to them also……some of this can be seen on my site at the access code is bishsr.

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