The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{January 2, 2013}   NEW BEGINNINGS

When I look through my looking glass and I think about the year 2012, I would say that it was the worse year of my life.  I have family members that I don’t talk to anymore and a friend who I miss with every beat of my heart.  I have entered into new frontiers with my children with no way of understanding how to deal with it.  I was mad at the fact that just when I was getting in a groove with my babies they grew up and were no longer babies.  My daughter is working and talking about moving out while my oldest son is old enough to go to a New Year’s eve party.  Did he go?  Well no, but I didn’t realize he was old enough until he asked.  Then there is Demetrius who feels he is oldest enough for rated M games and Cameron who wants to know why he can’t play them now because its not like he doesn’t understand most of what goes on in the games.  I have also been unemployed for two years and could not have been any poorer than what I am.

However through that same looking glass I saw my blessings.  Those family members I don’t talk to I have come to a type of peace that as long as they know that I love them I won’t be hurt if we didn’t speak again, that friend and I are trying to find a common ground even though we have feelings that work even harder to stop us from agreeing.  My daughter and I have come to an agreement to help her get her own while I made it a point to apologize to my son for not realizing that it was something that he was able to do.  As for Demetrius and Cameron the lord has to work on me, with me and through me when it comes to them. I realized that although I am unemployed my landlord has worked with me and helped me in ways that you would never expect a person with no ties with you would.  I eat every single day somehow bills are paid.  I never had the fear of losing the roof over our head while I am unemployed.  I joined my church and I added over 20 new members not even known to us to the family tree.  I found and met family members outside of my grand parents children and on the last day of the year I talked with a side of the family that I was starting to believe had died out and would never get a chance to truly learn about.    If I didn’t know… I know right now that I am truly “Blessed and Highly favored”.

Some wanted us to believe the end of the earth would be December 21st, but it wasn’t the end but a new beginning.  The Mayan calendar wasn’t predicting the end but the start of new…a beginning.  A beginning to acknowledge what I have, an opportunity to try new things, an opening to meet new people.  It has broaden my thought process which in turn given me a new outlook on life.  My journey in finding my family, or should I say more of my family, has become more than a hobby to me.  It is now apart of my life that will not end for me.  It started out with me searching for my grandfather’s family and now I have both my grandparents family. We are not just Yeldell’s anymore.  I mean don’t get me wrong we were never just Yeldell’s.  There were always other surnames, but the difference is we were all descendants from one man and one woman.  But now everyone isn’t from them they are from their parents. We are Freeman’s and Harrison’s and Peterson’s and Seniors.  We are bigger and stronger and we need a new name.  Because I am doing this I feel responsible for letting them know that all are welcome.  We are a new Beginning.


You are Blessed and Highly Favored sissy, and so am I for having you as my sister. I love you.

thank you sissy I am blessed as well to have you

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