The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{November 30, 2012}   Why Are the Yeldell’s So Hard to Connect?

One thing I can say about my research is that I am not alone.  I have found so many Yeldells that have the same story as mine.   Sure other people have problems during their research but they can connect their families.  I have run across hundreds of Robert Yeldells and not find a connection with any of my Roberts.  The one thing that is for certain with all Yeldells is the same surnames that are in my yeldell family are in other Yeldell families and we can’t even connect them.

Tomorrow I go to my first meeting with people who have families from the Edgefield County area.  You have no idea how excited I am.  These genealogist have been researching for years and I look forward to learning from them.  I am also excited because I will be meeting two of my relatives for the first time.  Both who are related to me through my grandmother’s side of the family.  I will give details later

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DeMetria says:

Donya hope you not discouraged. Genealogy is not easy. I remember when my cousin connected my mom’s family with our “100%” Caucasian side after MANY years of research. He even took a trip to Ireland. My great great grandmother was the daughter of a slave owner- she “married” a slave so we all know she was disowned from the family. But their response to my cousin was never to contact them again. They actually threatened to call the police on him. Donya this disconnect has been passed down for generations and will continue to pass down. You have to find that disconnect…I am sure you will. BELIEVE you will find a story with it…lol…Great work!

I am not discouraged at all I look forward to everything.

Shelia Hollomon says:

That is so wonderful.  I met some relative I have never seen before on Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta, Ga. very excite.  Do you know Albert Yeldell and his wife Viola.   God Bless and enjoy yourself with the relatives.     Shelia

No I don’t sheila but I heard the name Albert before

Good luck with your meeting tomorrow. It is always exciting meeting new relations.

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