The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{October 2, 2012}   the Haitian Claim Fact or Myth

It has been said by my Aunts and Uncles that their brother John Carlton Yeldell was the first person in our family to do research on our family.  Other than myself there are three more family members that I know of who have done individual research of their own.  None of us (to my knowledge) has gotten to where we have been told Uncle John did.  According to Uncle John we come from Haiti and we are direct descendants of the famous author Alexandre Dumas.  For those that don’t know he wrote the Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo.  So of course my goal is to prove the claims that

  1. we are of Haitian descendent
  2. we are related to Alexander Dumas.

How did my uncle come to these conclusions?  Now a days it is somewhat easy to find these things out.  I mean with places like, and DNA testing a few hundred dollars can help you find your very first ancestor.  But my uncle died in 1961 so being able to find out something like that in that time period had to be difficult probably even close to impossible.  I mean it took me about 20 years to get what I have.  Well in my research I have come close to how we may actually be of Haitian descendant.  John Brooks the great grandfather to Preston Brooks is said to have traveled from England and in his travels he stopped in Haiti to pick up supplies.  He then made his way into Virginia and finally settling in Edgefield SC.

It seems the slaves he had were passed down.  Sure some of them were sold off but they were famous for keeping some in the family.  My great great grandmother Martha Brooks for example had been with them as a little girl.  I know this because I have the will of Whitfield Brooks (grandson to John) and the will of Preston (Whitfield’s son).  Martha was handed down to Preston when Whitfield died and was sold to a family member named Lemuel when Preston died.  Was Martha parents bought as supplies from Haiti this is apart of goals and what is next for me to learn.

I know that I will never be able to learn the names of my twice great grandmother but to learn her origin and where she came from would be amazing.  Wish me luck as I gather this money and pray this DNA testing can help me solve this mystery.

Until Next Time…


I would like to know more…Good for you and good luck

g Johns says:

Just some info that may/maynot assist in your research, which will depend on the time period you are looking at, as
no dates are listed.

I believe that after a time period (1794 US Congress brought about a law that was not “in Act”?” until 1894) ,slaves could not enter the US directly (middle passage), and were brought into the US via the Islands in the Caribbean, a very busy port being Sth Carolina (and others).
eg yr family may have been from Haiti: – and either purchased during that listed “supply” trip, later in the SC , or even have already been in the US at the time of their future owners their arrival, or later purchased – and still have been born/from/via Haiti. Unfortunatley so many possibiities….
I take it, no one has any of this Uncle’s research/records/notes regarding his findings.
Our family too, is with you on the above questions and research, said possibly from Haiti or the Islands.
Please keep up all updeated with yr findings.
G Johns

My gg grandmother was born about 1834. I would love to talk more with you

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