The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{September 30, 2012}   The New Step in my Journey

I have gone through things in my life.  I have lost where I lived, been separated from my children, I have even been locked up.  But the current road that my journey is taking me on is more frightening than any of the things that I have gone through so far.  I will be joining my family church.   The church that has been a topic of  my blogs and as I learned the beginning of my entire family.  Now you may ask Donya, you can’t be serious about joining a church, your family church being scary?  My answer to you is I am more serious than you could every imagine.

While conducting my research I have gone through both mental and spiritual changes.  Mentally, and this may sound crazy to some, but I have connected with my ancestors.  I have heard them speak out to me and guide me into the direction that would be best to teach me and allow me to learn about them.  They have also taught me that GOD is the basis of who they are and in turn who I am.  Both new Yeldells (those I have met) and old Yeldells feel we are chosen people by GOD and I have been given the opportunity to learn why.  In my learning I have gotten closer and closer to him and because of that closeness the Devil has thrown more and more obstacles in my path.

Now what is frightening is the fact that I am able to recognize these obstacles and then see GOD move me around those same obstacles.  Most would say well since you can see it you shouldn’t be afraid of it.  But that is not true.  Everything that is coming at me is way bigger than me.  Way more than what I could ever be able to handle. And to see those things coming and knowing personally I can’t do anything about it, leaves me to do nothing but trust that a higher being, a force that is unseen get you through it and pass it.  That is what is scary.  I have learned the more I trust in him the more I WILL be attacked.  So yes joining a church is FRIGHTENING, and although I am afraid I am going to take that step.

I end this writing by thanking GOD.  Thanking him for the ability to understand what I need to understand and the courage to move forward in my journey blindly knowing you will not allow anything to harm me.  In JESUS the CHRIST name I pray.  AMEN.

Until next time…


Give GOD the Glory because nothing is to little or big for our GOD to handle. Be Bless!

yeldell11 says:

Amen baby sister…Amen.

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