The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{August 2, 2012}   Count Your Blessings

Do we realize the roles that others play in our lives? I do, but I will admit I didn’t at first.  I mean sure I knew the roles of my mom and my sister.  I even recognized the roles of my closest friends and their parents. But it wasn’t until I started this research when I realized the importance of everyone’s role. People you don’t know and people who may have spent just a moment in your life had a hand in shaping you into who you are.

Tomorrow my family is saying goodbye to a very dear loved one. Juanita Turner affectionately called by family and friends “Bugs” left us on July 18th at the start of the day.  She wasn’t sick I mean she had ailments (we all do) but she was not sick.  When I got the call my only thought was to get to her oldest living daughter one of the spokes in my personal wheel of life.  I had to be there for her. I had to be her shoulder, her rock, because I know she would and has been mine in different times in my life.  I cried when I saw Nicki, I cried when I saw Bugs and I cried when my mommy saw her niece.  That morning was rough.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything.  I sat on the side of my bed for three hours trying to figure out what to do. In all that sadness I missed Bugs I cried for Bugs I reminisced about Bugs but it wasn’t til today my thoughts were really about Bugs.

Today I thought about the nights I stayed at the house with Nicki.  I thought about how the stories I heard about how hard she hit. I would make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. LOL. She knew me from a baby but I can only remember maybe five years with her as a child.  My mommy moved to Va. Beach when I was 12 so the next time she saw me I was 18 but it wasn’t long actually really brief because as soon as I got here I left and went to college within two months. I was finally home permanently at the end of 1993.  We still didn’t spend time with each other but the few times that I saw her or talked to her she was still bugs with the great laugh and the sweetest person in the world and she looked just like my mommy. I loved her so very much.

About a month before her death was the first time we really talked.  It wasn’t face to face but over the phone. That phone conversation had to have been two hours long.  We talked about what I was doing and how my children were.  We talked about family and the research I am doing. She was so interested and we decided together to solve the mystery of her fabulous mother’s name.  I got the chance to tell her I love her and I got the chance to hear her tell me she loved me.  It was the best conversation ever! The last time I had this feeling was when one of the other spokes in my wheel of life left me. We separated knowing that we loved each other.  You can’t beat that feeling.  When Camille died I didn’t understand that feeling then but I do now.  It is a blessings.

I know I told you already Bugs but I love you and I will miss you so very much.  Your role in my life shaped me until you left us. With my children (they know I don’t play either LOL) and through our two hour long conversation. Your mom shared you with me and you shared your daughters with me. You were such a blessing in my life.  You did it without me and found out your mom’s name. Although I wish it was found in a different way I am so grateful for your contributions to the family tree.  You made a wonderful impact in my life and I am so glad to be able to reflect on it.

Juanita “Bugs” Turner leaves behind two daughters, 8 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, 1 Brother, 1 nephew, 2 great nieces, 2 Aunts, 1 Uncle and hundreds of cousins who loved her more than she could have ever imagined. Her mother Margaret and oldest daughter (Joycelyn)  has met her to welcome her into Heaven.


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