The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{June 11, 2012}   Too Big or not close Enough? You make the call

I have talked about how large my family is since I started writing this blog and so far it is proven to be even larger than I could ever imagine.  According to my family tree my great grandparents have 501 descendants. That is even more than I originally thought.  Wow, I was always saying like 450.  Anywho we are bigger and growning everyday.  So there is no wonder as to why I want us to know who we are.

On June 7th my son Demetrius had his promotional ceremony from 6th to 7th grade.  I was so very proud of him.  Like all children do my son had a little boy that he was not fond of in his class.  He and this little boy would always get into arguments.  See it is easy to anger Metrie because he is autistic so the slightest things (depending on the day) could really tick him off. Well we learned that they were actually cousins.

I saw Jionne’s (or as Metrie calls him JT) grandmother and asked her what was she doing here.  She said she was coming to her grandson’s graduation.  We talked and it seemed they were in the same class but would not be sure until JT’s daddy came to let us know.  We talked and learned that JT was in a classroom full of boys (same as metrie) and that JT’s teacher was a man (same as Metrie).  It was way to coincidental.  When David got there I asked him what was his JT’s teacher’s name and it was confirmed JT and Metrie who fought all the time were cousins.

Because their last name are both Williams they were beside each other when receiving their certificates.  As they came down we took pictures of them and then called them over and explained to them that they were cousins. The surprise on their faces were priceless.  My son said we were enemies but now we are cousins and they hugged each other. It brought tears to mine and JT’s grandmother’s eyes.  This was not the first time this happened. My daughter went to high school with her cousin for four years and we didn’t find out until their graduation day.

So to my title are We Too Big or not Close Enough? I think not close enough this is why I want to get our family together. We live in the same city we know each other because we grew up with or around each other. There was no excuse for them not to know they were cousins.  We must keep these boys together and those to come I love my family and hope they can create and continue to be friends. So Are We too Big or Not Close Enough? You Make The Call…

Until Next Time…


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