The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{May 9, 2012}   The Surname List is Growing

When I first started my Journey I was honestly looking for one family, one surname and that was Yeldell.  I think most people who try to learn about their ancestors think they can focus on one family; one name.  You learn pretty quickly that this is not the case.  My grandfather Jefferson Yeldell is the one I was looking to find more about.  Who knew that my grandmother Annie Mae family would just jump in.  Below is a listing of the all of the names so far in my family.  These names are from my ancestors not the descendants.

Adams, Brooks, Freeman, Holloway, Kemp, Peterson, Ryans, Senior, Sheppard, Shibely, Talbert, Williams and Yeldell

The beginning surnames are Adams, Brooks, Holloway, Peterson, Senior, Sheppard and Williams. These Great Great grandparents are the make up and of a humongus family.  I have learned that no one had just one child.  They believe strongly in siblings.  My family count is in the thousands and there are so many that have not been added.  Researching your family is neverending and I am enjoying every minute of it.  So if any of the above names is in your family and your family started out of the Edgefield County area feel free to leave me a message we may be related.  Until Next Time…


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