The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{April 13, 2012}   Sometimes things are right under your nose…

Roselands Plantations

A professional geneaologist that I have had the chance to be in contact with via email said this in his blog “As long as you are remembered, you never die.”   This statement came from an African proverb.  It means in short “remember me”.  My family wants to be remembered for so many reasons.  The most important reason is to remind the current Yeldells of who we are and of where we came from.

For those that follow my blog I have really been trying to find out more about my Great Great Grandmother and her children.  The South Carolina Archives gave me information that Martha was a breeder, she was originally owned by Whitfield Brooks, who then passed down to his son Preston Brooks.  We also learned who Preston really was and that he died in January 1857.  Maybe a month before his death he sold my great great grandmother Martha to Lemuel Brooks.  I then learned from a fellow Geneaologist (I guess I can call myself one) that Martha was sold on December 21, 1856 along with two children.  Their name Scylla (probably short for Priscilla) and Dave.  We are not given ages or if they are her children but I am guessing they are.

To some this maybe a lot but to me it just opens up more questions.  Things like: What happened to Priscilla and Dave? Were they her children? How many more children did Martha have?  When exactly did Martha die? and the most important question Why did she give her remaining children the last name Yeldell?  Well I have not answered those questions and to be honest I may never do so.  But I can say this.  Like most geneaologist I feel doing this research is a calling.  It is as if your ancestors are begging you to tell their story.  Well my ancestors are no different.

Martha knows that I am looking for her and today I was hit with the biggest revelation.  I have read the name Roseland so many times on a list of plantations that is online about Sout Carolina.  But it wasn’t until just now when on that I connected the name with another members photo.  The picture above is the plantation that my great great grandmother lived. Yes the Roseland Plantation, located in the Edgefield District of Greenwood County, was where Martha worked.  Whether it was cook or clean or work in the fields it was done right here until 1856.  Knowing this information I am now looking more into Whitfield and his wife instead of Preston and Lemuel (a possible relative).  I know that Whitfield’s wife had a church built, the Episcopal Church in Edgefield, inside this church are three tablets in memory of them.  I think if I can find more info about them I can find more about Martha.  Until Next Time…


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