The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{April 5, 2012}   Pictures are IMPORTANT!

As you would guess I watch the TV show Who Do You Think You Are every friday. I watch it mainly to learn how to research my own family.  Yes it is great to hear about others and their find but my family is very interesting and in some cases more than others.  One of the main things that I have learned in watching the show are how important pictures are.  I find it amazing how they find so many pictures during the search for our white sisters and brothers but for the black families you are lucky if you find one.  That is because pictures either weren’t taken or my family really was on the run.  I am glad that my grandparents took the pictures they did of themselves and their children.  Maybe it is because there are no pictures of their parents (with the exception of Mama Lula).

But seriously I write this to say please document your life and your families life through photos/videos.  Having a visual to remind you of that special moment just cements the memory in your head.


Andrea Kelleher says:

Excellent point made. Pictures are so important to descendants. Pictures so quickly humanize the paper data we find like census records and death certificates.

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