The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{March 28, 2012}   Riding the Bus

Have you seen this sign?

If you live in the SE area of DC and ride one of these buses D12, D13, D14, W15, W19, A6 and A46 you do.  Every morning and and evening I am on one of three of those buses.  I am writing this to try and describe the feeling I get when I hear his named being called out.  Yea I said hear!  I not only see it but the recording annouces all of the stops so when it comes to this stop it says his whole name.

Can you imagine the feeling that is received when hearing a close family members name called in a public area.  Robert L Yeldell was the eighth born son to Jefferson and Annie Yeldell and my uncle.  I miss him but I am able to have him with me every single day.  I wonder how other family member’s feel when they hear the recording call his name and the sign lights up.  It has been three years since I was able to get the bus system to reflect his name and five years since the building was named after him.  Has it gotten old to them yet to hear it? Is it something they have gotten use to? My sister Tammy says, “When I first heard it; I jumped and just started smiling all the way from the inside, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Now when I hear it I get a feeling of warmth and ownership”.  “Smiling from the inside” I like that description its an uncontrolled smile for me.  Well I am here to say that I haven’t gotten over it and don’t think I ever will.  It is such an honor to have a relative that meant so much to so many people that they decided to honor him by naming a building after him.  If they only knew what they really did; who else they really honored.

I don’t know how much of my family rode those buses but I would sure like to know what they feel? Please comment or send me a personal email and I can share with others on how it feels to have someone like Uncle Rob in your family.  For those that haven’t I suggest you do and capture the feeling that it gives.  It is not like no other. Until next time


Tamara says:

🙂 Thats way pretty cool sissy! <3<3<3

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