The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{March 26, 2012}   Thomas and Virginia Yeldell

Uncle Tommy married three times in his life.  His first wife Louise Braxton is who he had his only child Joyce with.  The ever so jazzy (who we all wanted to be like when we grew up) Aunt Helen was his second wife and Virginia Senour (pronounced Senior) was his third wife.  Now by the time I started my search I was new at it and didn’t do things quite correctly.  So I never thought about talking with Aunt Louise or Aunt Helen for that matter to learn more about the family.  By in doing my research I have finally taken the time to talk with Aunt Ginny.

Aunt Ginny was born in Shelbyville, Indiana she was one of four children.  When Aunt Ginny first met Uncle Tommy she was married to her first husband.  No Uncle Tommy did not take her away from him.  She was coming home from the hospital from just having her son and Uncle Tommy came to visit her husband.  They were military buddies.  She said after that first initial meeting they did not see each other again for ten years.  Well life went on and her husband had died.  She and Uncle Tommy had mutual friends and one night she, uncle Tommy and two of the mutual friends went out on a date.  From the time on that started to go to lunch, dinner and different events.  Well one day Uncle Tommy asked her to marry him but she turned him down.  She told him that she was not ready to be married again but wanted them to continue to date.  Well this went on for awhile and Uncle Tommy would continue to ask every now and then with her constantly saying no.

Til one day in 1976 Aunt Ginny called his office and simply said “Ok I’m ready now”  He responded “what” She said it again “I said I’m ready now”.  Hearing this Uncle Tommy was caught off guard and started to stutter.  “um, um, um ok we can um talk about this when I get off I will stop by after work.”  They married that same year a couple of days after Thanksgiving.

I asked Aunt Ginny standard questions like did Uncle Tommy ever talk about his past i.e. grandmother, uncles or aunts?  She told me he never spoke about anything pertaining to Edgefield. She also learned that he didn’t even speak about the remarriage of his father.  She told me that she learned about Grand daddy’s remarriage to Mrs Frances Yeldell from a visit from Uncle Brother.  Aunt Ginny said this had to be at least two years after they were married that Uncle brother had stopped by to talk with Uncle Tommy.  For some reason Mrs. Frances name was mentioned.  After Uncle Brother had left, Aunt Ginny said, “I didn’t know your father had remarried that you had a step mother?” Uncle Tommy answered like only he knew how “I don’t claim her.”  She said he was very annoyed with it and she realized it didn’t want to talk more about it.  Aunt Ginny learned then that all of the sister’s and brother’s were very upset at their father’s choice to marry that lady.  She pointed out to me that technically we had two grandmother’s but we have only known and spoke about one.  I think like most of the Yeldell’s I would rather sitck with Annie Mae as well.

Aunt Ginny and Uncle Tommy were married for over twenty years.  Her phone number is still in his name and she continues to live in the same house they lived in while he was alive.  I am going to make it a point to go visit her soon I hope you all get that chance to do that as well.  Until next time…


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