The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{March 2, 2012}   Do You Know Who Anna Jane Yeldell Is?

My Granddaddy knew.  Anna was my grandfather’s 5 month old niece who died on August 13, 1920.  She died from what looks like it says “Reported Malarial Fever”.  She was the second born child to Gary Yeldell and Mary Palmore.  They ended up having two more children after her before Gary died.  Gary died from heart disease on January 4, 1925.   I bet you are wondering how I found this out.  Well researching the family is very tedious.  You have to do a lot of reading, which I am not really happy to do, and you sometimes have to go through every single document that is put in front of you.  So I typed in the last name Yeldell and searched in the South Carolina Death records on  I found little Ms. Anna and my granddaddy was the informant for her death certificate.  Little Ms. Anna is buried at Bailey Bethel AME church in Greenwood SC.

It is in our family to have heart trouble my mom has it, our grandfather died from it as well as my Uncle Rob and a host of other family members.  Doing this research has taught me alot about our history as well as our medical background so please take care of yourself.


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