The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{March 28, 2012}   Riding the Bus

Have you seen this sign?

If you live in the SE area of DC and ride one of these buses D12, D13, D14, W15, W19, A6 and A46 you do.  Every morning and and evening I am on one of three of those buses.  I am writing this to try and describe the feeling I get when I hear his named being called out.  Yea I said hear!  I not only see it but the recording annouces all of the stops so when it comes to this stop it says his whole name.

Can you imagine the feeling that is received when hearing a close family members name called in a public area.  Robert L Yeldell was the eighth born son to Jefferson and Annie Yeldell and my uncle.  I miss him but I am able to have him with me every single day.  I wonder how other family member’s feel when they hear the recording call his name and the sign lights up.  It has been three years since I was able to get the bus system to reflect his name and five years since the building was named after him.  Has it gotten old to them yet to hear it? Is it something they have gotten use to? My sister Tammy says, “When I first heard it; I jumped and just started smiling all the way from the inside, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Now when I hear it I get a feeling of warmth and ownership”.  “Smiling from the inside” I like that description its an uncontrolled smile for me.  Well I am here to say that I haven’t gotten over it and don’t think I ever will.  It is such an honor to have a relative that meant so much to so many people that they decided to honor him by naming a building after him.  If they only knew what they really did; who else they really honored.

I don’t know how much of my family rode those buses but I would sure like to know what they feel? Please comment or send me a personal email and I can share with others on how it feels to have someone like Uncle Rob in your family.  For those that haven’t I suggest you do and capture the feeling that it gives.  It is not like no other. Until next time


{March 26, 2012}   Thomas and Virginia Yeldell

Uncle Tommy married three times in his life.  His first wife Louise Braxton is who he had his only child Joyce with.  The ever so jazzy (who we all wanted to be like when we grew up) Aunt Helen was his second wife and Virginia Senour (pronounced Senior) was his third wife.  Now by the time I started my search I was new at it and didn’t do things quite correctly.  So I never thought about talking with Aunt Louise or Aunt Helen for that matter to learn more about the family.  By in doing my research I have finally taken the time to talk with Aunt Ginny.

Aunt Ginny was born in Shelbyville, Indiana she was one of four children.  When Aunt Ginny first met Uncle Tommy she was married to her first husband.  No Uncle Tommy did not take her away from him.  She was coming home from the hospital from just having her son and Uncle Tommy came to visit her husband.  They were military buddies.  She said after that first initial meeting they did not see each other again for ten years.  Well life went on and her husband had died.  She and Uncle Tommy had mutual friends and one night she, uncle Tommy and two of the mutual friends went out on a date.  From the time on that started to go to lunch, dinner and different events.  Well one day Uncle Tommy asked her to marry him but she turned him down.  She told him that she was not ready to be married again but wanted them to continue to date.  Well this went on for awhile and Uncle Tommy would continue to ask every now and then with her constantly saying no.

Til one day in 1976 Aunt Ginny called his office and simply said “Ok I’m ready now”  He responded “what” She said it again “I said I’m ready now”.  Hearing this Uncle Tommy was caught off guard and started to stutter.  “um, um, um ok we can um talk about this when I get off I will stop by after work.”  They married that same year a couple of days after Thanksgiving.

I asked Aunt Ginny standard questions like did Uncle Tommy ever talk about his past i.e. grandmother, uncles or aunts?  She told me he never spoke about anything pertaining to Edgefield. She also learned that he didn’t even speak about the remarriage of his father.  She told me that she learned about Grand daddy’s remarriage to Mrs Frances Yeldell from a visit from Uncle Brother.  Aunt Ginny said this had to be at least two years after they were married that Uncle brother had stopped by to talk with Uncle Tommy.  For some reason Mrs. Frances name was mentioned.  After Uncle Brother had left, Aunt Ginny said, “I didn’t know your father had remarried that you had a step mother?” Uncle Tommy answered like only he knew how “I don’t claim her.”  She said he was very annoyed with it and she realized it didn’t want to talk more about it.  Aunt Ginny learned then that all of the sister’s and brother’s were very upset at their father’s choice to marry that lady.  She pointed out to me that technically we had two grandmother’s but we have only known and spoke about one.  I think like most of the Yeldell’s I would rather sitck with Annie Mae as well.

Aunt Ginny and Uncle Tommy were married for over twenty years.  Her phone number is still in his name and she continues to live in the same house they lived in while he was alive.  I am going to make it a point to go visit her soon I hope you all get that chance to do that as well.  Until next time…

{March 22, 2012}   What’s really Going on?

Ok…I want to say this right so I need you all to bare with me.  This post has nothing to do with my family the Yeldells but everything to do with my family the human race.  The world is in a very transitional state.  We as a people are being faced with so much in this world that we don’t know what is worth fighting for and what is not.  We fight against the chance for everyone to have insurance.  We are against the OPPORTUNITY for EVERY child to go to college.  But we fight FOR the big business the wall street big wigs to continue to have so much that things are then given to them for free.  Is that not confusing to you?

I have listened to young adults those who are just coming into the voting age feeling like voting doesn’t mean anything.  And that truly crushes me.  Not far down my family line (my uncle for example) fought hard for my right to vote has that been forgotten.  If you vote for no other reason vote because you can because it wasn’t long ago when you could not.  It seems that things that were taught to me are being missed in this generation and with those core things missing it is taking us backwards in record speed.  Yea we have a black president and that is great but I have not seen this much blantant disrespect from not only his colleagues but people in general.  From the guy calling him a liar to his own people saying that he runs away from anything pertaining to blacks it is ludacris. Did we all forget our government and history classes? Did we forget that not one branch makes the decision but two thirds are the deciding.  how about the fact that those we placed in congress can not or should not be able to do anything without us agreeing with it.  Instead we put them in and then leave it all upto them.  Then blame them for doing the wrong thing.  WE MUST STOP!!!!!

Now we have this young man MURDERED for nothing absolutely nothing and no one being arrested for it.  Does that really make any sense at all.  I look at that young man and I see my oldest son.  Why because he will be 16 this year.  Because he wears a hood on his head when it rains, because if he misses the bus for school he will walk no matter what the weather.  I realize that the few times my son walked to school so much could have happened to him because of the color of his skin.  This is all to AMAZING.

I feel like I am in a 2012 version of sodom and gomorrah soon GOD is going to look around and see if he can find at least ten people worth saving and he won’t be able to.  I just pray that he spares me and mine and gives some type of warning.  We need to start teaching our children better make the congress do their jobs and love one another more.  We need to truly take a stand against the wrong things like racism and hatred work towards educating and building up our children to run what we are leaving behind.  We forgot that they are our future we forgot that without them being educated the world will end because they don’t know how to run it.  Everything they are learning is corrupt and just not helpful.  Pay attention people and re-educate your self.

My Granddaddy knew.  Anna was my grandfather’s 5 month old niece who died on August 13, 1920.  She died from what looks like it says “Reported Malarial Fever”.  She was the second born child to Gary Yeldell and Mary Palmore.  They ended up having two more children after her before Gary died.  Gary died from heart disease on January 4, 1925.   I bet you are wondering how I found this out.  Well researching the family is very tedious.  You have to do a lot of reading, which I am not really happy to do, and you sometimes have to go through every single document that is put in front of you.  So I typed in the last name Yeldell and searched in the South Carolina Death records on  I found little Ms. Anna and my granddaddy was the informant for her death certificate.  Little Ms. Anna is buried at Bailey Bethel AME church in Greenwood SC.

It is in our family to have heart trouble my mom has it, our grandfather died from it as well as my Uncle Rob and a host of other family members.  Doing this research has taught me alot about our history as well as our medical background so please take care of yourself.

{March 1, 2012}   The Saga continues

So today is March 1st.  I am feeling a little under the weather but I am ready to pick up my journey.  As you know, my grandparents were honored in their hometown local paper the Edgefield Advertiser.  Because of this local Yeldell’s have contacted me and we are one in trying to find our roots and connection.  I was very happy to speak with the descendants of George and Annie Yeldell.  Talking with them was a pleasure but speaking with their mother was the best.  She gave me a number to a lady who may be related to my Great grandmother Katie Yeldell.  I spoke with Ms Macy of Philadelphia and she says that her mother had a sister name Katie Yeldell which would make Ms. Macy her neice.

Also because of the articles I was added to two groups on facebook that will definitely help me to find my ancestors.  These two groups have direct ties to edgefield and people who know what they are doing when researching.  Talking with them and my wonderful cousin Candace I have finally started to go to the library.  I have already found my grandparents obits and next is the city directory’s and addresses.  I am learning there is a lot for me to do but talking with the Yeldell’s last night let me know that I am not alone in this journey.

et cetera