The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 29, 2012}   The Newest Fuel To My Fire

Since there is an extra day in February, today is my last day to post for Black history month.  I saved this one for this day for a reason.  It is leap year so it comes once every four years.  It seemed only fitting to post and honor my little cousin Kaiwon Connelley.  You see he was special too.  He was on this earth for three years and he impacted my life as much as everyone else that I honored this month.  Now some may wonder; how can a three year old have such a lasting impact?  Especially one I’ve never seen, met or even knew existed until the day I heard of his death.  I first heard of Kaiwon through my mother.  She called me and asked if I had seen the news about a baby boy being killed by his father in West Virginia.  It was the first death of the year in that town.  She said that the little boy was the great grandson to one of my cousins.  I was so shocked.  I told her I would look it up on the internet since I missed it on the TV.  Well I found it and the baby was beaten pretty bad.  He was tortured actually.

Now I didn’t choose him to go into specifics about his death this is about his impact on my life and how he inspired me.  He is probably the strongest Yeldell I honored this month.  He went through so much pain not feeling love the way he was supposed to at his end.  But through his pain he was able to spread love to his mom that the majority of us never even knew. He made me reach out more to my family, pray more for my family and try to understand my family.  Because of him and his strength I am more determine to find information about our family and to learn about the strength that he had at just the young age of three.  As I have stated so many times before that strength is not easy to have we were born with it and not many are.

To my family have you recognized our strength?  What we can do?  I hope that I was not the only one who learned this month about our family.  I hope that you all know that I was not bragging even though it would not have been hard to do.  I hope that you looked deeper into my postings and saw how strong we are and what we are capable of.  Kaiwon you are the newest fuel behind my fire.  Although I didn’t know you the love I have for you is the same as I have for my children.  I will follow your trial I will support your mom and I will try my best to be strong for her when she needs the strength the most.


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