The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 28, 2012}   The Reason We are a People of Excellence

Well today is the 28th of February that would normally be the last day of the month.  This project that I did was very rewarding and as always a learning experience.  Which is why today’s honorees were saved for this day.  You see my Grandparents had everything to do with all of the people that I honored this month.  Not just because they are all biologically attached to them but because of our make up. They are the reason why we are so very intelligent, why we are able to do the things we can do.

My grandparents were involved with history from the beginning and they taught their history to there children.  They taught it by the way they reared them. Being founders of a church they taught it with there belief in GOD.  I realized that my grandparents had that belief the way slaves had it back in the day (why not there grandparents were slaves).  They taught what was necessary to take care of their family while trusting that GOD would continue to keep them and watch over them.  Because of there trust and love of GOD they produced thirteen of the best people to ever walk the face of earth.  Because of that they produced the best grands, great grands, great great grands and so on.  Thank you Jeff and Annie for teaching us, instilling in us and continuing to watch over us. We still have a lot to learn.  We as a family need to in some way get back to that teaching of old.  We are an example of the greatness it can produce.

Annie and Jeff because of you we are great at what we do because of you WE ARE A PEOPLE OF EXCELLENCE.


Andrea K says:

What a beautiful tribute! I just found your blog because you joined African American Genealogy Forum. Thank you so much for sharing. You can see the love in your grandparents eyes.

thank you please tell me how to follow people I don’t see how.

Your grandparents look so inviting. Their eyes and their smiles are so welcoming. I feel like I would want to know them. This is a great tribute to them and they sure were a beautiful couple!

thank you so much. I never got the chance to meet either one of them but I am learning so much while doing my research.

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