The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 17, 2012}   The Biggest Part of Me

I bet you are wondering why my Aunt Lula is back up here.  I mean I did already do my aunts for black history month.  Well this picture this morning is not about Aunt lula but what she represents.  See the descendants of Annie Mae and Jeff …are well over 450 people.  The bulk of those people are my aunt’s family. One of the main reason’s I decided to honor different people in my family was to provide the opportunity for us as a whole to get to know who we are.  That is why I choose the Robertson Family as my next group of honorees.  Simply put they know each other. They know all two hundred plus of each other.  I find that to be amazing and more inspiring than some of the stuff I have posted this month.  I know what you are saying “I know my family too” but it is easy to know 30 or 40 family members but with this family I am talking 6 generations maybe 7 if my auntie was alive today.  That’s damn near amazing.  I have seen them plan trips and tours together. They are the closest as a group but probably the most separated from the Yeldell family as a whole. So today I charge us as a group to get to know each other like the Robertson’s do.  You guys were the beginning of my family search I started my count with ya’ll and I am not finish yet.  Please know that I love all of you and I am so glad that you are the biggest part of my family

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