The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 16, 2012}   Edna Pedna is what I call Her

My next honoree is Edna (Edna Pedna is what I call her)  If my count is correct she is the largest part of my family.  she is the only woman I know that has four generation of women in her family.  Edna has 7 children, 28 grandchildren over 15 great grand, and at least 2 great great grands (sure wish I could give an accurate count hint) She took care of her siblings and her children.  They love he…r like I do my mommy so for those that don’t know them you have a clearer picture of how much she is loved.  Edna overcame certain demons in her life and it just made her even more beautiful.  Her strength parallel the women before her.  I love my Edna Pedna.  For some reason I can’t get a picture to upload for her but you see my Edna Pedna in my profile and my cover.  love you Edna.

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