The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 14, 2012}   Joseph (Uncle Brother) Yeldell

My next honoree was a politician in the DC area. He is retired now and his name is Joseph Yeldell or Uncle Brother (affectionately called by nieces and nephews). Uncle Brother was the beginning of DC local government.  He was on the first DC council in Washington.  Appointed by President Lyndon B Johnson on September 28, 1967, he served every elected and appointed mayor since 1967. Uncle Brother was also found in several magazines like Black Enterprise and JET Magazine (see below). In the Black Enterprise it listed him being President of Entrepreneur Travel Agency.

Black enterprise 1975 and 1976 page 62

Entrepreneur Travel Joe Yeldell President

Jet Magazine 1972

During Nixon running for his second term there was a possibility Walter Washington may have been given a new assignment.  If that had happen Joseph would have been in the running for replace the first black mayor of DC.  Last but not least Uncle Brother was also appointed Director of the District of Columbia Office of Emergency Preparedness on June 23, 1983.

Now I don’t want anyone to go and read this and then research him and say that I am lying. Like most politicians he had some problems but he overcame.  My inspiration comes from his determination and ability to fix those problems and still turn out the better man. Thank you Uncle Brother for your drive and determination to continue to move forward no matter what the issue.


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