The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 14, 2012}   It just gets better and better

In the midst of me writing about my honorees and what they have done to influence or inspire me in my life. I continue to receive great news.   These past two months have been true revelations for me both spiritually and mentally. Spiritually,  I have come so much closer to GOD that I have been blessed to actually see what he has done for me, to me and through me.  He has allowed me to pray for and with my family daily through Facebook.  When they read the prayers that I write it is like we are all praying the same prayer together.  This in turn has brought more traffic to that page.  I mean sure I am still the one who post the most there but now they read and they respond and it is wonderful.  He has blessed me personally on a financial level.  No I don’t have big sums of money but even through being unemployed my children and I were and are taken care of. 

There are post on Facebook that are not up here.  One for example is my grandparents being honored for Black History month in their hometown paper.  The Edgfield Advertiser is the oldest paper in South Carolina still in circulation.  I contacted them to try and get an interview with the oldest living African American female.  But while explaining why I needed to talk with her the owner of the paper became very interested in my story.  Her interest grew to publishing my writings in the paper. This is how my grandparents ended up being honored.  Well I want to share with you all the clippings from the paper:


These are just the beginnings of a 4 part series of stories being ran in the paper for Black History Month.  I am so overwhelmed with happiness that I can do this for my family especially my grandparents. They so deserve this.  But the title of this blog is “it just gets better and better” for a reason.  You see not to long ago there was an exhibit on a famous Black photographer Addison Scurlock who took widely know pictures of influential people in the DC area black and white.  I was talking to my mom about the exhibit and she told me that he took pictures of her parents as well.  You know I had to check.  So I sent an email asking  if there were any pictures in the database for Jefferson and Annie Mae Yeldell. I was finally contacted by the Curator of Photography ,at the National Museum of American History, David Haberstich.  He explained to me that although he didn’t find any pictures labeled Jeff and Annie Yeldell does not mean there aren’t any.  They are still in the process of cataloging negatives from the Scurlock collection and many pictures are unidentified.  He then went on to say he did however find entries for a Lt and Mrs T. J. Yeldell and others for a Joseph Yeldell.  Yes family and friends my family had pictures taken by a now famous photographer.

So now I am waiting to hear back from him to setup an appointment to go view pictures of my uncle’s that we may never have seen before.  I asked him how can we tell a Scurlock photo?  He said some photos have his name on them but there really isn’t a way to tell what he took or not.  I then sent him a copy of  Springfield baptist church with the congregation on the steps and asked if that could be a Scurlock photo (see below)

He said to me landscaping and group photos such as this are shoe ins for being Scurlock photos and even went to say it probably is.  So now I am going to take other group pictures that we have like the thanksgiving picture and the picture of the pastor’s aide club and the beautiful picture of my grandmother to see if we can find negatives to them.  Of course I will keep you posted.  Until next time family smooches.


Candace says:

Go Donya!

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