The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 10, 2012}   Thomas (Uncle Tommy) Yeldell

Thomas Jefferson Yeldell was born May 14, 1914 he enlisted in the US Army on February 18 1942.  He  did that after college at the age of 28. You probably didnt know it but Uncle Tommy lived in Missouri for  a while and was very active in the Military program at the HBCU Lincoln University of Missouri.  He was in several papers and  yearbooks.
The News and Tribune  page 21 – a picture of him with others at a retirement ceremonies for officer Wesley Godsey (he was Major Thomas then) He was also  photographed pinning an officer for his heroism in a special forces assault in  the Lincoln University Of Missouri Archived Yearbook
Unfortunately I am  unable to place  links to listings because they cost to see those pictures but I will get  them (smile).  Uncle Tommy was an active soldier in WWII, Korean and  Vietnam War.  When he finally retired he was a respected Lieutentant  Colonel in the United States Armed Forces. There is more to come on Uncle Tommy  as well so stay tuned

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