The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 9, 2012}   John Carlton Yeldell a.k.a J. Carlton Yeldell

After writing about my Uncle Rob, I wanted to keep going on the track of  Uncles and honor my Uncle John.  He  was the one uncle I never got the chance to meet. He inspires me because he also  did research on the Yeldell Family.  I do not have his research nor have I gotten as far as I heard he did.  According to stories, he connected the Yeldells (direct descendants) to Alexander Dumas the  writer of the Three Musketeers; he received a letter from JFK (before he was  President) asking him to be on his cabinet if elected (my uncle died before that  could happen); and he found that the black Yeldell’s originated from  Haiti . I did not want to go by this  because my family can tend to brag so I did my own quick research on him.  Well I am not one to brag (smile) but he  is a true Black American to be honored for Black History Month.

John Carlton Yeldell a.k.a. J. Carlton  Yeldell was listed in the popular Jet Magazine three times:

The first issue Nov 19, 1959 (his sister Josephine birthdate) National Urban League article  page 3:

The second issue July 20, 1961 his Obituary page 23:

The third issue December 30, 1965: the Distinguished Gentleman of Phi  Beta Sigma Fraternity gave an Award in his name to William H. Booth page  64:

My uncle’s name was mentioned with greats like Sammy Davis Jr., Thelma  Carter and Quincy Jones. He also has several papers published in governmentally  funded projects.  He was  awesome.  Thank you Uncle John for  passing your drive and determination to learn more about our family on to  me.  To hear more about my Uncle  John you need to stay tuned I am waiting for information to come to elaborate on  the award that was named after him and why.


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