The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 6, 2012}   To the Unmentioned

As most of you know I am honoring those that have supported me or have been an inspiration to me.  I chose my family to give my thanks to.  But I realized in doing this I am leaving so many of you out.  So many that are not my biological family but family none the less.

To My Girls Lisa, Kysha, Erika, Tonya, Shandale, Shannon, Angie, Terra, Trina & Nikki

We have known each other as early as 7th grade. You girls made my childhood the best and I am blessed that you are doing that in my adult life.  I can’t ask for better friends than ya’ll.  Each one of you have a place in my heart that no matter how many friends I make you will never be replaced.

To My JSU Divas Lanise, Denise, Kenya and April

You girls continued the love I felt from my childhood friends.  You are the ones that showed me best friends can be made at any age and it is possible to have more than one.

To my Boys Lewis, Keith, Chance, Heavy and Todd

You guys can relay this to the others.  I LOVE YA’ll SO MUCH!!!!!  You let me know as a young girl how men are supposed to treat women.  you were great boys and you have turned into the best men.

To the Den

It is amazing what a group can do over the internet without ever seeing them.  You guys have been a strength to me like no other. How is it possible to virtually cry on a shoulder. You need to know that I feel every hug that you have given me every happiness that you have thrown my way.  I so love you guys for that.

Last but not least My JSU Men Glenn, Charles, Charlie, Harold, Bubba, Shug, Jimmy and the whole Freshman JSU football team of 1990. I can not express my love for ya’ll I had so much fun I grew with ya’ll and if you didn’t know the impact you had in my life know that it was good and it could not have been any better.

This is just a few of the people that have made a difference in my life.  I love you and I honor you all for black history month.


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