The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 3, 2012}   My Twin Alexis

Today’s honoree is my first love, my firstborn, my daughter Alexis PhotoBoss Yeldell-Williams.  She is from what everyone says my twin.  Sometimes we look alike sometimes we don’t.  She is one of the most intelligent people I know.  My daughter has always inspired me she is probably the reason my relationship started with GOD.  That is not to say I never believed I always believed but she sure made me see that he existed.
The story begins with me picking she and her brother up from school.  We were on our way home on the bus.  I had a particularly rough day so I was tired.  My daughter asked what I call “why the sky is blue questions”.  If you a parent or guardian you know those questions that are really impossible for you to answer.  So Alexis was being herself and asked me a question:
Alexis:  Mommy what are eyelashes for?
Me:  what?
Alexis:  What are eyelashes for?
Me:  Alexis not right now I am tired baby.  Ask GOD
Alexis:  Ok I will.
Alexis:  Mommy he answered me.
Me:  Excuse me?
Alexis:  GOD answered me.  I know why we have eyelashes!
Me:  Ok Alex why do we have eyelashes?
Alexis:  We have eyelashes so it can stop the dust that float in the air into our eyes.
She was four years old when that happened.  I was speechless.  An older lady who was on the bus with us said “that’s right baby.”  I just looked at her and shook my head.  I wonder if that lady talks about that like I do.  Now my baby is into (and very good at I might add) photography.  She is in school for it and wants to be a director. You can check out her webpage at or look at her work right here on facebook APYW: Photo Boss Photography.  Thank you Alexis for your strong will and strive to do what you want to do while listening to those around you.  I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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