The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{February 3, 2012}   My Son Cameron

This was supposed to have been written yesterday but I had a few hickups.  But my next honoree is my baby boy Cameron.  Cameron was named after my cousin Camille.  I was pregnant with him when she left me.  My son was a huge part of my healing when it came to Millie.  He has her wit and her bluntness and he is very quick like she was.  It is amazing the stories that I have from someone who is only ten years old. Cameron has chastised children, corrected grown woman and have put grown men in their place.  He did all that by the age of 3.  To tell you one story he and I went to view an apartment.  The characters in this story was a male and female couple, the agent and Cameron and I.

I have three boys and one girl.  I raise my daughter to be a lady and my boys to be men.  So my boys open doors, pull out chairs and get up for women for them to sit down.  So it was not shocking to me when we went to look at this apartment he did the things he did.  The apartment had a buliding with a door and then the door to the apartment itself.  So at three he held both doors for the women when we were going in and coming out.  When we got to the last door for him to hold the man in the couple said to my son, “Come on man you making me look bad.”  My three year old baby responded “Well hold the door then.”  True story LOL.  He is fearless, respectable and respected.  I love my son dearly.  Thank you Cameron for being who you are.  Mommy Loves YOU


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