The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{January 31, 2012}   My Fabulous Aunts

ok so I didn’t know picking people to honor for black history month would be this hard this quickly.  Its not who to honor but more less who to honor first.  But then I looked at my cover on my time line and I said I know who is next.  So you have met my mommy and you see how great she is now meet my Aunties from left to right the far left being the oldest.
Aunt Sis                           Aunt Lula                            Momma Nell                      Aunt Margaret                  Aunt Evelyn                         Aunt Josephine.
These six women have made impacts in my life in their own way.
Aunt Sis I never met her but I have been told I have her spunk and her fight attitude
 Aunt Lula her cooking is in all of us even if she didn’t try to put it in us
 Momma Nell is who I got my sense of family from her daughter patsy has it too
 Aunt Margaret well she gave me my cousin Nikki (thru nikki’s mom of course) but she loved my mother’s children dearly
 Aunt Evelyn had that softeness that my mommy has I loved her dearly and she was flirtatious (sp) and finally
 Aunt Josephine our relationship grows I don’t talk to her often but I do call her.  I have to do that more but I love her just the same.  She has inspired me to keep going with what I am doing.  She is the only aunt left now…ok whew didn’t know it would be emotional too

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