The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{January 28, 2012}   A New Day

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening,

This morning I woke with a new perspective, a look at what I needed to do and the enthusiasm of pushing forward to do so.  The first and most important thing is to join a church not just any church but Springfield Baptist church.  See my family founded a Springfield Baptist church back in the late 1930s.  If you have been reading my blog it is possible that they actually founded two churches.  One in Edgefield SC and one in Washington DC.  I plan on doing that this year.  Everyday I feel a change in me something that I have never felt before.  My mom says it is because I pray every morning but I have always prayed.  I am not sure what it is but I am accepting it and all that comes with it.

I haven’t posted in a while not because I don’t have new information but because I have been overwhelmed with alot of information.  I was blessed to do what I set out to do when starting this blog which was find my grandfather’s siblings.  Well so far I have found two and have learned that the Yeldells are really large.  I was able to connect Yeldells on facebook to my family people I have never met before.  I am nowhere near finished.  I learned that in order to connect my family I also need to bring my family together.  I promised GOD that I would pray them back together and I will continue to do that.

Since my blessings I have to get more into my family and I will do that.  I will post here more often so If you are a Yeldell and trying to see if we are related just keep reading I will find out.  Stay tuned.


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