The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{November 19, 2011}   What to do if you think you may have come across a family Member

I am putting questions along with necessary information you will need if you think you have come across a possible family member. We have several different names in our family.  For a long time we only knew for sure that outside of Yeldell’s there were Peterson, Senior and Ryan. Now we can add to our definite list Freeman. If you think you have come across a possible relative here are a few questions you can ask before you start the deep researching:

Where is your family from?
This is the best first question to ask in this family.  In my research I have learned that the family’s from the edgefield area (Edgefield county, McCormick, Aiken, Greenwood etc…) are more connected than they even know.

What are your grandparents name?
Most yeldell’s that I have come across do not know beyond this point in their family.  I don’t know why but Yeldell’s black and white are very secretive.

What are some of there family names?
This is important because it allows us to find out if they are married in or actual blood relatives.

We have several names that are married in Adams, Brooks, Holloway, Williams (and I am not talking about my daddy)  Freeman, Ryan and Sheppard.  Here is how these names are connected:

Ezra Adams – father to Katie Yeldell (grand daddy’s mother)
J Holloway – mother to Katie Yeldell grand daddy’s mother)
Martha Brooks – mother to Peter Yeldell (grand daddy’s father)
Enoch Peterson – father to Lula Peterson (grandmother’s mother)
Anne Sheppard or Shefford – mother to Lula Peterson (grandmother’s mother)
Johnnie Senior – father to Johnnie Senior (grandmother’s father)
Jane Williams – mother to Johnnie Senior (grandmother’s father)

Freeman and Ryan comes in because grand daddy sister Mattie married a freeman and grandmother’s sister married a Ryan.  It is said that we have Harrison in our family but so far this is not so.  We get the relation of the Harrison’s because Uncle Gary wife Mary married a second time to a Harrison and had children by him thus connecting half brother’s and sister (yeldell children with harrison children).

Brooks is a story in itself. We know for sure that Martha Brooks was owned by Preston Brooks so it is safe to assume that is how she got her last name (taking the slave owners name).  To make it even more complicated Martha was known as a breeder (one who could have children) so we don’t know if she was mother to some of that family’s children or not.  But as you can see we still don’t know how the name Yeldell came to us.  We don’t know if Martha Brooks just simply gave them the name yeldell or if she ever married a Yeldell or even forced by a Yeldell man and had his child.  It is documented that she had a sister name Martha Yeldell.

Anyway I am starting to go deep which is confusing for me but I hope this helps you if you think you may have run across a family member.


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this post was done two years ago. some of the information has been confirmed however the question are still the same. I look at this and smile at the progress that I have made and I am so glad to continue to move forward and learn more. Until next time…

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