The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{November 19, 2011}   Mattie Yeldell-Freeman and Gary Yeldell

I haven’t posted to here in a while because my search was brought to almost a halt. But just recently I got an unbelievable breakthrough.  In earlier post we know that my Grandfather Jefferson Yeldell has five other siblings.  One of the siblings I never knew the name of but the other four were Gary, Eddie, Martha and Jamie.  Well I have found the grandchildren of Gary and one of the daughters.  Before i go into the daughter let me tell you about Gary.

Gary had three children by his wife Mary Yeldell.  There names were Henry, Wilbert Robert (Bill) and Rosa Lee Yeldell.  I was able to talk with the wife and daughter of (Bill) and one of the children of Henry Yeldell.  This is all fresh and new but what I have learned is Bill had one daughter and she has children. Henry had three children and one out of wedlock three girls and one boy.  The boy David Yeldell died in the Vietnam War.  I also know that one of the girls Linda has three children.  I look forward to learning more about the other girls and if they had children as well.

Now to my grandfather’s sister.  As stated above and in earlier post it is documented that my grandfather’s parents had 10 children but only six lived.  The problem is I have only been able to find five (including my grandfather) so there is one child missing.  The names that I would always come across as siblings of my grandfather would be Martha, Eddie, Gary and Jamie. I think it is safe for me to assume that the child that was missing is a girl.  The reason why  I assume that is because girls are harder to find.  Once they marry their last name changes.  So when I found Mattie Freeman I assumed she was the sibling I never saw.  I mean her name was not Martha and the name martha is the name that showed up on the census. But there ages are so close and the name name Mattie could be short for Martha that I am just not sure.  But nevertheless I spoke with one of Mattie’s grand children Ulysses Freeman and he told me that she had ten children with a Mr. Nathaniel Freeman.  So our tree is growing and I am more than excited.


I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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