The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{July 5, 2010}   Yeldell Family: East Meets West

On September 11th Candace Wellman a possible Yeldell Family member will travel to this side of the world to meet our family.  To give you some background I found Candace while researching granddaddy’s father.  I contacted her while reading on a message board.  She contacted me and we found there is a possibly that her ancestor may have been our slave master.  From there she and I have worked together and have decided to meet.  She has been doing research on the family name for many, many years.  So talking to her has been great and she wants to share with us all.

So you are all invited to meet Candace and listen to her stories about the Yeldells.  As the date gets closer more information will come available.  Hope you will attend.

When: September 11, 2010
Where: Council House Apartments
Time: 2:00 pm

We ask that you bring a dish and join us in a day good family fun while learning where we come from.

Peace & Blessings


Lois Thomas-Ewings says:

My great great grandparents were Margaret Yeldell and Nero Talbert from South Carolina. They had about 15 children. Could Margaret be of your family? The photo I’ve seen of her is one in which she looks half caucasion. Both Margaret and Nero are buried in the cemetary of New Hope Baptist Church in McCormick, S.C. Please let me know one way or the other if we are connected. Would like to know more about her and her family. Thanks

I have sent you a personal email I hope to hear from you soon

Peace and Blessings

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