The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{July 5, 2010}   How Long Will The Yeldell Name Last?

I have been working on my family tree. Updating names, trying to get birthdates and so on. I realized there are not alot of Yeldell men. How long does this name have? I called my mom and she and I counted ten child bearing Yeldell men that can carry on the name.

Can you believe it 10! We are so proud of who we are but has anyone noticed that we are dying. From thirteen original siblings over 360 offsprings but only 10 can keep that name going. What does this tell me? The chances of my daughter or sons marrying, falling in love with, sleeping with or God forbid getting pregnant a cousin has just gone up. Sure the Donaldson’s, Robertson’s and Williams’s boys are all Yeldells but that name will die.

This is my plea…log on to our family site (, Enter your children’s names and age, add birthdates, be a part of planning a family reunion. Candace gave a compliment that was so nice I want to share it with you:

“You know, out here (in Seattle) all we get from national news of all sorts is either politics on the lawn of the White House or with the Capitol in the background. If it’s about the city as a whole, it’s usually about crime or in the past, Marion Berry’s activities. Watching Top Chef this season, we’re getting some views of the city as a place where ordinary people live and eat. Getting to know you shows me that there are lots of accomplishments in the city as a place where non-politicians have lived and built their town. Hearing Robert’s story was great.”

“Your grandparents must have been incredible people. Your grandparents started an incredible legacy through those children. It will be an honor for me to meet a few of the family in September.”

We have slowly dwindled away as a family. Cliques getting stronger, lost of loved ones or people moving forward and not sharing the good and bad times with each other. As many people as there are in this family I know of three of our children going away to college this year. I know there are more than that with our numbers being so large. This is not the way it should be. We must get together the way our Grandparents originally raised us to be. If we don’t we not only will be losing our name but, losing who we are as well.

Peace & Blessings,


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