The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{June 30, 2010}   The Yeldell Name in Lights!!!

Robert L. Yeldell
b: September 26, 1928
d: January 6, 2007

I have always been told stories about different family members but I was fortunate enough to have my own stories to tell about my Uncle Rob.  You see, I lived away from my family most of my life but he made it a point to keep track of me.  He knew about my gymnastics and dance while in Va. Beach.  He knew when I graduated from high school and told me how proud he was.  He would even check on me when I was pregnant with my children.  He probably was the closest I would ever come to having a grandfather.

When I was pregnant with my son Marcus he was the first person that I called after he was born.  He said to me “that is great baby what is your room number.”  For those that don’t know he needed that to play the number.  He won off of my brand new baby boy too.  Anyway he made us all feel special in his own way.

When he died he was honored by the building he lived in by changing the name of the building.  What used to be called Park Southern Apartments is now called Robert L. Yeldell Tower A Park Southern Community.  We as a family thought this was amazing since we had called it that anyway because of so many Yeldells living in the building.  When changing the name of the building you also need to change other things like phone book entries, local maps and even if transportation stops in front of the building what the bus sign reads.  Well that was my way of honoring my uncle.  I worked for three years pestering metro to change what is reflected on the bus and finally on June 29, 2010 I saw it.  I was playing a game on my ipod while listening to it and something just said in my head “Donya look up” and there it was bold and bright YELDELL TOWER.  The people on the bus thought I was crazy I was talking to myself out loud trying to pause my game and get to my camera.  I missed taking the picture but I called my momma, my sister Robin (his daughter) and my sister Tammy in that order.  It was wonderful.  Thank you Uncle Rob for being the type of man you were.  For being supportive of me and always following me.  For loving my children the way that you did.  You will forever be remembered and having your name up in lights will further the memory of you for generations to come.

On July 7, 2007 the name was changed and we were all there to see them unveil that new Awning doing the Yeldell name proud.  For those that want to ride the bus to see both the building and the name on the bus, go to Southern Avenue Station and ride either one of the following buses:

D12, D13, D14, W15, W19, A6 and A46

peace & blessings

Robin M. Yeldell says:

Wow, I am so extremly overwhelmed at this moment that I can barely breath. For you Yeldell’s that I have yet to meet (and I sincerely hope that that will come to past soon) Robert L. Yeldell was my daddy and trust and believe when I say that I miss him each and everyday of my life. He was a man that truly loved his family and was always there for them and it shows in the dedication and perseverance that my sis Donya endured to get his name in lights. As I said earlier in an email to family, I know my daddy is sitting there smiling that smirky smile as only he could do and nodding at the same time as he’s thinking “job well done”! And I would be remiss if I did not take this moment in history to say publicly and with a servants heart “Job Well Done – Donya and I appreciate and love You”!

Ok, fam this is the first time I’ve been on this site much less blogged (LOL) because this is new to me, but I too am excited and looking forward to meeting all who come in September. I am hoping that this will be the start of family reunions (as other families have) across the country where we get together and meet, great, eat and have a wonderful time with family.

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