The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{June 6, 2010}   Meet Mama Lula and her Daughters


Hello Yeldell’s,

So I am continuing my search and happened to type in Annie Mae’s parents name.  When I did that so much happened.  I now know Annie’s grandparents on her father and mother side.  Her father’s name is Johnie Senior and his parents were named John Senior and Jane Williams.  Annie’s mom name was Lula Peterson and her parents were named Enoch Peterson and Ann Shefford.

Now when typing in Johnie Senior’s name I never found Annie.  I found her brothers Charlie, Johnie and ML.  I also found some sisters Mollie, Jennie, Essie & Margaret.  I have spoken with our cousin Freddy B on grandma side and he says that Mollie and Margaret are one in the same.  What I didn’t fine was Annie Mae.

Now when you do the ancestry search you have to give or take about two years because on the census dates may change.  Remember the census is as accurate as the person that enters it. So if a date is entered wrong or you can’t read the writing things change.  So Anyway there are three Lula Peterson’s (other than her mom) listed as daughters of Lula and Johnie.  I am under the impression that Annie Mae may not have been named Annie Mae.  She might have been named Lula and some how took on the name Annie and no one ever said anything.  Still looking into that.

Now Annie’s mom Lula had a huge farm.  While going through the archive papers Lula’s dad was very much into Agriculture.  He owned a lot of land, horses, cows, chicken and so on.  He sold meat, eggs and other products to take care of the family.  According to my mom Momma Lula had a very large farm and I am assuming it came from Enoch.  I found this to be exciting and am now looking into seeing what happened to all of the land.

I hope you guys are enjoying what I write as much as I am enjoying researching and sharing with you.  I am attaching the pictures of Grandma’s Mother and two of Sisters (I added grandma again just because).  We are beautiful women and they show why.

Peace & Blessings


tammy says:

Very cool Donya, and I am exciting about your finding also!

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