The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{May 21, 2010}   Info on the Yeldells

Hello Family I have attached census records articles and other information that I have found or was given to me by Candace so far on our family. I hope you enjoy it and be just as confused as I am.

Parson Flemon a.k.a. John Yeldell1

Parson Flemon a.k.a. John Yeldell2

Peter Yeldell


Peace and Love


Candace Wellman says:

This catalog is only of the materials I copied for myself and my cousin Judy in 2005, so she could figure out what I was sending her. This does not begin to encompass what the Genealogical Library in Edgefield has, particularly in the area of slaves/former slaves information.

Hello ,To all the Yeldell Family ,My name is Curtis Gilchrist ,my Mother is Mamie lee Haskell,Gilchrist,Harrison,,her Mother was Carrie Talbert Haskell,and her Father was Jeff Talbert ,and he was the son of Nero and Margett Yeldell Talbert and I am Chairperson for the Talbert Family Reunion Committee,Washington,D.C. Chapter,and i am very eager to meet a Yeldell Family member from the Edge field/McCormick county area ,,I have tried so hard to meet my relative,s on my Great Great Grandmothers Margett Yeldell side of the family The Yeldell,s , I love to talk to anyone that has information on my relatives or historian that can give me some information,on how i can contact family members for me to meet and to share my love to them,and to invite them to the 2012 Talbert Family Reunion will be held in Washington,D.C, i have so many question that need to be answered and so many cousin to meet ,i ask God in my prayers to let this message reach the Yeldell family members ,please respond to my reply :Sincerely
Curtis Gilchrist, Chairman ,Talbert Family Reunion,Washington Chapter ,820 Gallatin St.N.W.,Washington,D.C. 20011 cell 202-487-2341,,Hm.202-882-7903,,,

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