The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{May 6, 2010}   My Grandmother Annie Mae Yeldell

This post is dedicated to my grandmother Annie Mae Yeldell. I chose to write about her today because On May 9, 1950 she left this earth. She was the mother of all mothers (until my mommy of course). Now I didn’t get a chance to meet her as a matter of fact none of my siblings met her because she died when my mom was 11 years old. But I have heard stories of her greatness.

On December 24, 1913 Annie Mae Senior took Jefferson Davis Yeldell off of the singles list. According to stories I have heard women were in tears because Jeff was know longer available. She was born on January 8, 1898 so as you can see they married pretty young. Annie had her first child in 1914 and there after she was having babies every 18 months to two years. While being the ultimate wife to Jeff she became an outstanding mother. She was very involved in all of her children lives. I mean she had to be superwoman with thirteen children to take care of. She was the president of everyone’s PTA (that’s 13 people ya’ll).  She used to make sandwiches and sell them off a cart.  She did it all.

I am sorry I never got to meet my grandmother but I have been told that she is in me. I was told that I look like her and that my daughter looked more like her than me.  I never thought it was possible to miss someone you never knew but I guess I do.  Happy Mother’s Grandma from your last born grandchild.


tammy says:

thats pretty cool donya…and you do look like her. 🙂

guinrob1 says:

I love this song attached to her picture! Donya,I also miss her.It’s Certainly possible to miss someone who is a part of you.I wish I had a chance to get to know her as well.She seemed to have been an incredible woman!We have a lot of those in our family.We get it honestly!!I’m so glad you took the time to research this information for us.

Dashaun says:

Donya, this is very beautiful.

Lexis says:

Awwww !! =] The bestest great grandmama !! =]

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