The Yeldell Family (Through My Eyes)

{May 5, 2010}   Edgefield South Carolina

Ok so now you know why I started and this is what I found.  My grandfather’s name is Jefferson Davis Yeldell.  He is the son of Peter and Katie Yeldell.  They had 8 children but I have only been able to find five in the census.  Including Jeff there names are Martha, Eddie, Gary (Gairy) and Janie or Jamie.

Now Katie’s parents were named Ezra and Jaycie or Joycie Ann Adams.  I am confused about Katie’s mom because her name was entered incorrectly so many times I am not sure what her first name is but I do know that her maiden name was holloway.  Katy had four sibling including her made 5.  There names were Rhody (g), Elvira (g) Ellerape (b) and Gairy (b).  As you can see she named one of her sons after her baby brother.  In the first census that I found my grandfather Gary’s name was spelled like his uncle but he later changed the spelling of his name when I found him older.  Gary and my grandfather lived right by each other.  So close that there names were listed together in the 1930 census.  I am lead to believe that the four oldest Yeldell children that were born in South Carolina knew him and his wife and son Marry and Henry.

According to the death records Gary died at an early age 28.  He died in 1919 two years before their mother Katie.  Although I haven’t found a death record for Katie’s parents they were still alive according to the 1920 census and living in Edgefield County South Carolina.  The 1920 census had them at ages 80 and 73.

Grand daddy’s father Peter had 5 siblings and there were 6 of them in all.  There names were Rebecca, David and Robert, then Peter and finally George and I think Thomas.  His parents names were Martha Brooks and Jasper Yeldell.  Jasper was the slave master.  So far I think that Jasper parents was William and Mary Yeldell and they were both born in VA.  This is where my search as ended.  Stay tuned for more updates.


tammy says:

I cant wait for the rest of the story…this is very exciting!

Michelle Yeldell (the only Michelle in the family) lol says:

I am so excited for this trip! I think it’s great you have committed to finding out about our family history. It’s always good to know where you come from and have a sense of belonging. I feel everyone needs to put for the effort to go on this trip! This would be a wonderful bonding experience for the family.

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